Friday, November 5, 2010

5 Reasons Kennel Training is Essential

While out working with clients I often get the question "Do you kennel train your dogs?". Well the answer is of course and for these reasons. 

1. In case of medical emergency. My dog Tank recently had knee surgery and has been on kennel rest for 3 months. I can't image trying to get him comfortable with that if he hadn't already been use to staying in a kennel

2. Travel. When on the road I need a place where my dogs can stay comfortably. This means we are more likely to be accepted at friends' homes and hotels. My dogs also get to take their "room" with them and therefore ease some anxiety.

3. Dog shows. Essential for anyone competing in dog sports. My dogs need to be able to hang out quietly in their kennel so I can walk courses, grab lunch and run one dog at a time. 

4. Problem prevention. My dogs are kenneled when I go out. This keeps them from learning/practicing destructive behaviour such as eating garbage or more valuable objects in my home. This especially important with a young dog. They simply don't get the opportunity to learn bad behaviour this way.

5. Practicality. I have 3, sometimes 4 dogs in my home. Kenneling is an excellent way of feeding with ease, giving rest time to my exuberant dogs and giving guests who might not enjoy dogs a chance to visit (important when my infant nephew comes over).

There are so many reasons to kennel train. I highly recommend it and although my dogs spend very little time in their kennels on a day to day basis it's a skill that comes in handy. Even as I write this Tank is lying in his kennel enjoying a bone with the door open. He often chooses to hang out in there.

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