Spayed Female French Bulldog, Apx. 8 years old
Adopted from Alberta Bulldog Rescue February 2012

Remi is a one of a kind girl. She had a hard start in life having been bred over and over again. Her stomach is covered in scars from hysterectomies. I met her when ABR requested that Remi get additional socialization while in foster care by coming to a Confidence Booster class.

At the very first class little Remi sat in her kennel and shook the entire time. By her 3rd week she was eating a few treats and unfortunately even though she had made progress her foster home couldn't keep her. I offered to take her for a little while and after 30 minutes of being at my home it was decided she would stay.

She was initially very quiet in the home and just preferred to sleep on the couch. However after several months Remi began to play! At first it was only with toys and then eventually with all of the other dogs that live with us. Remi can still be nervous in new situations but she has livened up at home.

Remi has attended many classes and continues to work on being brave when out in public meeting new people and dogs.

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