Sandend Playmate Russ CRNCL RN CGN
Neutered Male Irish Terrier, Born May 2004

Russ was bred by Sandend Kennels. He became a part of my family after I had worked with Irish Terriers at the kennel for a year. I fell in love with the breed and their charisma. Russ is a real character and everyone who meets him falls in love.

Russ has completed an array of training and is an agility enthusiast. He has a lot of drive and after having settled in middle age has decided he doesn't mind playing by the rules (most of the time). He passed his Canine Good Neighbour test on April 16, 2011.

Russ spent some time volunteering in a retirement home and adores attention. He is great with other dogs and has helped overcome fear and anxiety problems in my foster dogs. He is also proof that terriers can overcome their instincts and share their home with animals they would consider prey. Russ befriended my cockatiels, rabbits, hamster and cats. He is a one of a kind.

This is also the dog that was responsible for getting me into dog training to start with. From the get go Russ was an exuberant puppy that didn't want to listen at all! He happily joined other families at the park, ran around the agility course making his own plans and bolting whenever he felt like it. We've spent a lot of time taking different courses and learning new training methods. He loves to learn and as soon as we hit a "not listening anymore" stage we just go back to the basics and take a class.

Russ joins me at the Calgary Pet Expo each year and proves that he could perform with lots of distractions around. Russ enjoys meeting new people, adores children of all ages and playing with well mannered dogs (and some not so well mannered ones too). He has assisted me with clients who have reactive dogs and is a great dog. Russ has the best disposition and everyone who meets him loves his sense of humour. He can also spin like a tornado whenever he gets excited. 

This little red dog continues to show in Rally Obedience (CARO and CKC) and we may even attempt Formal Obedience one day.