Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Kid on the Block

I live with 2 dogs full time and then share both Tank and Russ so I wasn't planning on adding any new arrivals but along came this Frenchie... basically "Billie" was living with a foster family with Alberta Bulldog Rescue (which I sit on the Board for) and the family couldn't keep her. She had been attending my Confidence Booster Program and had really started to do well. I didn't want to lose her progress so she came to my house. Well it took all of a few hours for everyone to fall in love. So I'd like to welcome "Remi Perogie" our newest addition with her new name. 

Remi is going to be living with my boyfriend but that essentially means she's going to be around all the time. This little tyke is an older girl with some allergy issues. She's also very unsure in new situations so we'll be charting her progress on the WYS Blog so everyone can cheer her on.  

What Remi is happy about:
> couches, beds & dog beds
> loves her kennel
> enjoys other dogs as long as they aren't in her face. She's quite polite. 
> meeting people in a really quiet, non-threatening way
> going for walks but not long ones
> most small rubber dog toys and chews
> dinner time

What Remi is worried about:
> any new place
> lots of loud, excited dogs
> people who move quickly and across really strong (me too but they are in the world so we need to deal with them)
> changes to her routine/situation

Remi will finish up this round of Confidence Booster and will then possibly do another round. She'll also give the sport of Rally-O a try just because I think it'll be good for her. She's not staying on as a sporting dog but I'm a strong believer that dog sports are good for all dogs (just not necessarily being competitive about it).

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