Sunday, April 17, 2011

CARO Trial & CGN Results

Jade had a great weekend with both Russ and Marco at the CARO Trial and CGN test at Hyper Hounds. 

Russ earned his Canine Good Neighbour title with great focus and finess. It took me awhile to get him tested due to scheduling and training but once tested he proved what I knew all along... he's a good neighbour! Our next goal will be to get in some rally practice so he can try his paws in the ring.

Marco earned his Canine Good Neighbour and Rally Novice title this weekend. He's only 16 months old and this was his first time in the preformance ring (only conformation classes before this). While we had a few "puppy" moments he tried hard and pulled out some great scores for us. He showed his great work ethic and most of all his willingness to please. We'll be heading to some CKC shows in the future and try out rally in that venue before tackling any Advanced courses. Marco continues to train for both formal obedience and agility.

This was my first rally trial too and while a little nerve racking at first it was a great learning experience. I learned a lot about how I want my dogs to work with me and what I can polish with my puppy. Getting in the ring isn't an easy thing to do but was completely worth while. There's no better feeling than working as a team with your dog (even with a few mistakes in there!).  

I highly recommend taking a few rally classes before hitting up a show. We have some fantastic training facilities in Calgary where you can take lessons and get familiar with the signs. I highly recommend Hyper Hounds and All Bright Dogs for lessons. Both head trainers compete themselves and have been involved with the sport for many years (they're also judges). 

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